Software Test Automation category is for Software Development Engineer in Test professionals.

Software test automation consultants should have basic computer and network knowledge. Consultants are required to learn computer and network basic knowledge prior to attend the training. This assessment covers following computer knowledge and technical skills. 

  • Computer Input & Output Components
  • CPU, Memory, and Hard disk
  • Computer Task Manager, Task Scheduler, Remote Desktop Connections, and Event Viewer
  • Basic Windows DOS Commands
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Computer Basic Network Technologies
  • Network Configuration & IP Address

This course contains several software test automation projects that need to be completed by consultants. 

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)  Enrollment Assessment course is designed for future IT consultants (students) to assess their readiness for becoming a SDET professional. 

If you are thinking about becoming a SDET professional, you can enroll the course after signing up the site and take the SDET Knowledge Readiness Quiz

After opening the quiz page, you will see list of computer skills and software test automation programming knowledge that you need to know in order to became a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) professional.  Based on your current computer knowledge and programming experiences, please select all the technical skills that you know with 90% confidence. Your honesty is very important to assess your real skills. 

How to Take the  SDET Knowledge Readiness Quiz

  1. Sign up on the site, send email to Services@SeleniumMaster.Com  and then we will activate your account (note: if you receive a confirmation email, you can activate your account yourself. )  
  2. After receiving your email, we will  enroll you on the course "Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)  Enrollment Assessment" and then you are ready to take the quiz. 
  3. Login the site with your login username and password ,and take the  SDET Knowledge Readiness Quiz

Software Test Automation Engineers should master the technical expertise in Java Selenium WebDriver GUI framework designing, Java Restful API framework, Java database testing framework, and Apache JMeter performance testing along with continuous deployment and integration hands-on knowledge. 

SDET Java Selenium Automation Framework Course is the continuation of the Software Development Engineer in Test Prep Course. You need to complete the prep course prior to starting the Java Selenium Framework Course.  In this course, you will learn from the basic Java programming to the advanced level test automation framework designing for Java JUnit, Java TestNG, Java Selenium Cucumber UI Framework, Java Cucumber Database Framework and Java Cucumber API Framework using instructor led instructions and real project completion. You will also learn Software Development Continuous Integration technologies: Git, BitBucket, Jenkins, Bamboo and application deployment. You will also learn performance testing using Apache JMeter Performance test application. For complete details, click the link below.

Enroll the Selenium Master LLC software test automation engineer training and job placement program for only 6 months. Selenium Master will make you a master in Selenium Test Automation. !

Software Test Automation Engineers/Software Development Engineers in Test should design test plans & test cases, implement Selenium automation framework and test scripts, write analysis tools, deploy test devices, run automated tests on local or cloud servers, schedule tests on the server, run SQL queries to setup and report test data, manage test development on JIra or HP ALM Quality Center, track bugs on Jira or HP ALM Quality Center, check event logs on Windows or Linux OS, analyze Website HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts, understand various concept in Agile Software Development Methodology (Scrum), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), and configure Web & FTP servers. 

Software Development Engineer in Test Prep Course teaches you prerequisite technical skills in Computer Operating Systems, Amazon AWS Cloud Services, Amazon AWS EC2 Windows, Amazon AWS EC2 Linux, Network Configuration, IIS Web Server, Apache Tomcat Server, Linux Commands, IP, DNS,  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Selenium IDE, SDLC, STLC, HP ALM Quality Center, Atlassian Jira Software Development & Scrum Management application, SQL Server & Query Building, Test Plan & Test Cases Creation and Management, Microsoft Outlook and Sharepoint. You will also learn about Notepad ++, FileZilla, Putty, Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager, and SQL Server Management Studio. Once you master all the prerequisite skill set, you are ready to take the SDET Java Selenium Framework course. 

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